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Updated September 19, 2012

Just a note to let you know that Jackie Seeds is DECEASED. I was stationed with him at Sasebo Japan just before we went to Vietnam. Henry A, Holmes was our XO at Sasebo. I saw them both at Dong Ha when I was in MCB 10.
Once a Bee always a Bee
William P. Crawford UTCM, USN (RET)

My uncle, Rich Vegter, was a member of CBMU301. Unfortunately, I do not know what years he served. My aunt, who has since passed away, got him a slide converter for Christmas so he was able to scan all his Vietnam pictures to digital and view on a computer. We went through the photos of his training in Antarctica a couple months ago and just this past weekend, we went through his photos from his time in Vietnam.

If you happen to know him, or know how I might find any who served with him, please let me know.

Thank you,

I served with CBMU 301 most all of 1969. I first was attached to NSA Danang and then transferred to CBMU 301 possibly around Feb. of 1969. I was at Quang Tri and Chu Li (at the rock crusher/asphalt/concrete facillity that we took over from a private company.) At Quang Tri I worked in the drafting office and as a clerk for the builders. In Chu Li I worked as a crusher operator and helped to open drums of asphalt. I was rated as an Engineering Aide, CN

Daniel E. Young
231 Sunny Ridge Rd.
Harrison, Michigan 48625

It gave me much pride to know I was apart of history and a great organization such as the United States Navy "SEABEES". If there was anything good about Vietnam, it was the Seabees! Pride in something is a great thing to process. I believe we who are United States citizens must feel some kind of God given pride to be able to call themselves an "AMERICAN" I may not agree with some of the policies that this nation has implemented on it's people, but at less I can disagree. I also know and feel that my association with CBMU-301 has affected my life to this day! I own Camenisch Engineering and Construction, in Bakersfield, California. This company works like a precision team. The Seabees motto "CAN DO", is the same way we caring on business to this day. I've never knew a bunch of men that work so hard, long hours and under adverse conditions for so little money, than the Seabees. With the exception of the money I try to carry on that type of attitude in my company.

As an Ironworker Second Class, (SW2) I found this was a unique origination. I ran the welding shop, and anytime there was a need for welding or structural repairs on the batch plant, rock crushers or asphalt plant or general welding repairs, we were on it 24/7. When something broke there wasn’t a Home Depot or steel supply near by to run to for supplies or parts, you improvised and made the fixes from what ever you could find. These were some of the most remarkable guy I have ever known.
Some rememberable time in country was when Ted Diehl and I went on a in country R&R to Cam Ran Bay and hitched a flight to Saigon and then ended up AWOL for two weeks because we couldn’t get the right flight back to Cam Ran Bay and Chu Lia, boy what a time we had in Saigon! Then one night Bobby Doleiden, Charlie Wilkes, Robby Robison and I climbed to the top of the batch plant because Bobby Doleiden want to parachute off the top of the batch plant head structure, (way too many beers that night), of course we decided against this once we got up there. The stories could go on and on and that is why these CBMU 301 Reunions are so important, carrying on those stories are a must. We have a Reunion coming up in September 2010 in Seattle, maybe some of you can get up there and bring up some of these old stories. Until then take care and may God Bless all of you.
Jim Camenisch

My name is Bill Robinson {Robby} I was transferred from NMCB 5 to CBMU 301 in 1967 when camp was first being built. I was a BUL 3 and was Charlie Co and was the third squad leader. After building a number of hooches,and sickbay in Dong Ha, my squad and I spent time at Ka Shan,Cua Veit and build the all the hooches and buildings at Quang Tri. There I was in charge of the wood shop there and ran the EM club until I shipped out in Jan of 1969. It was a great fine this site.
Always a "SEABEE"
I have been looking over all the pictures, Cannot remember the personnel names.
I joined 301 the day of the re-commissioningin ‘67’. I served under 1st class Mel Dean in the electrical gang at first. Since it was my second tour and knew the area around DaNang , I was transferred to supply and traveled around locating and shipping supplies needed for the unit. Remember the new rubber water storage tanks! The impossible item to find or get ?( “New” that is). I got em.
Joe Hayes
CES2 then
Mel passed away last year in Florida.
Hell of a leader and friend!

My name is Edward P Sheridan. I was assigned to CBMU 301 ( 2nd tour ) from Jan. 11, 1968 to Dec. 17 1968 when I was sent home and discharged. I was a SW 3 and a member of Ed Cody Adams Sqd. I was in Dong Ha, Phu Bia and was one of the original members helping to set up Quang Tri. My Address is ....6 Ann Street, Miller Place, NY 11764       Email

benny barns photoMy name is Katherine Lee and I’m trying to locate other CBMU 301 Seabees who knew Bennie F. Barnes. I’ve spoken to George Gettinger, as well as a large number of other Seabees, trying to find someone who remembers Bennie, who served as a first class utilities man in the Navy from 1965 to 1979. Specifically, he was in Quang Tri and Dong Ha from 1968 to 1969. Additionally, he was at Wahiawa, HI from 1969-1971; McMurdo, Antartica from 1971-1972; Gulfport, MS from 1972-1979. Bennie passed away last year of mesothelioma, which is a type of cancer of the lining of the lungs that has only one known cause – exposure to asbestos. On behalf of Bennie’s widow, Patricia Barnes, and his children, Kevin, Ronald, and Arie, I’m looking into Bennie’s death and trying to find out what he was exposed to.

I would really appreciate it if you could post a message on your website letting fellow Seabees know that Bennie F. Barnes has passed away, and asking those that remember him to contact me. My number is (415) 835-7135.

Thank you for your help.

Katherine Lee
Harowitz & Tigerman, LLP
450 Sansome St., #300
San Francisco, CA  94111
415.835.7135 (direct)
415.788.1598 (fax)

Dear Dennis,
Thank you for sending my family the 2008 reunion notification. Unfortunatly I need to notify you of my father's passing on to a more relaxing and nicer place. He had passed away on March 4, 2008. My father had fought a very hard battle with brain cancer and finally his body could not fight no more. Please pass this information on because the Seabees was a very important part of his life.
Summerfield, Florida- Robert T. Snyder,60, a Maintenance Supervisor at Closetmaid, died Tuesday, March 4, 2008, at Malcom Randal Veterans Hospital. Mr. Snyder was a Vietnam Veteran which he served his country, apart of the U.S. Navy Seabee's, he was a electrician by trade, loved traveling with his family, studing religion, learning new things and going fishing. A native of  Morgan County, IN, he moved here from Whiteland, IN in 1982
Mr. Snyder was a member of Belleview Christian Church, Past Master of the Belleview Masonic Lodge, Past Worthy Patron of the Belleview O.E.S, and American Legion. Survivors include his wife, Laura M. Snyder, son, Robert T. Snyder Jr., of Summerfield, FL,daughter Tiffany A. Whitmire, Ocala, FL, sister, Lorretta Hennesse, Summerfield, FL, brother Fred Snyder, North Vernon, IN, and step-sister Virginia Eller, Lincoln, NE.
Mr. Snyder was preceded in death by his parents Virgil and Lavon Snyder and two sisters Doris Tender and Emma Jane Snyder. Memorial Service will be held at Belleview Christian Church, 7149 S.E. Hwy 25A, Belleview, FL 34420, March 10, 2008 at 6:30 PM In Lieu of flowers please send donations to Belleview Christian Church, at the above address .

I was in Charlie Detail in Cua Viet 67-68 and I worked with another CE by the name of Robert (Bob) Fogel, he was from Washington State, have
you ever had any contact from him?

Charlie Richmond CEW2
930 Hartford Street
Cambria, California 93428

Hi Dennis and fellow Seabees,
Awesome site and great pics. They brought back lots of memories. I can't remember most of the names but some of the faces looked familiar. I was a Plank Owner and flew over with the main body in June '67. I was in Alpha Co. and was at Dong Ha and Cua Viet most of the tour but also spent some time at Kha Sanh and Quang tri. I left Nam in July '68 never to return. Like a lot of you guys, because of family and running a demanding business and a thousand other excuses, I failed to stay in touch with the unit or attend any reunions. I would be interested in hearing from anybody that remembers me or served during that period.
Dennis, please add me to your roster.
Take care and thank you all for your service to our country.

Bill Felker (CM2)
4151 Balboa Drive
Liverpool, NY  13090

BUCS David Reid served as assistant officer in charge of Charlie Detail 68-69. He passed away Jan. 18, 2008. He was incredibly proud of his 30 years of service as a Seabee. His obit can be read on the web site for the Ventura County Star newspaper. He will be buried at Jefferson Barracks, St. Louis, Mo.


For those of you that attended the Washington DC Reunion in 2006, you may recall the suggestion was made to hold our 2008 reunion in conjunction with the Khe Sanh Veteran’s reunion in Reno, Nevada. This reunion will be held at the Silver Legacy Hotel and Casino located in downtown Reno Monday, July 28, 2008 through Sunday, August 3, 2008. The cost for this event will be $25.00 person for the registration fee, which covers the hospitality room and administrative cost. The will be a $25.00 fee per person for the banquet on Saturday. There will be no charge for persons under 18 years of age. At this time there are no activities scheduled.

If this sounds like something we want to do, please let me know and I will mail out registration information the first of January.

My email address is SeabeeEOH3@AOL.COM. My Home phone is 937 667 6331 and my cell phone is 937 344 6331.

Hi, my name is michael lewis and I served in dong ha and quang tri july of 68 to july of 69 during tet.  I was in dong ha for about 3 months and was sent to bravo company in quang tri.  I worked with the builders in dong ha and made 3rd class utilitiesman in quang tri.  Life was different than I expected returning home.  I quit telling people I served there so I could land a good job and stop the wagging tongue.  I can say that I become of age there.  Since I moved from Oregon to Wyoming, long story and worked for a company for 30 years and was injuried on the job.  Two back surgies later I no longer had a job and am disabled at this time, for ever.  Its been difficult and some times I feel my life has been turned around and upside down as some kind of payment for that terrible time.  It wasn't all bad because of the wonderful people I served with, whom I still remember as my friends.  Any way and I love an update on any of the people left.  I have not done much in looking up anyone as sometimes its not worth remembering some of terror filled days and nights.  I sort have accepted it as I learning to accept my disability.  Thank, hope this finds everyone well and in good spirits!

Khe Sanh Veteran's Association Reunion in Reno, Nv. July 29 thru August 3, 2008. It will be held at the Silver Legacy Hotel. For more  information and the registration form send e-mail to Dennis Waler

I am Robert Wayne Evans I was a EA2 I served with CBMU 301 from May of 68 to May of 69. I was in Donga Ha and Quang Tri I was one of the first groups to go to Quang Tri. I could not find my name on the roster. Where could I find a record of my service in CBMU 301?

I can be reached by e-mail

Wayne Evans

I am Randy MacCloskey, CE-3 (well, not any longer).  I was part of the commissioning crew and have a plank owner's certificate. We went over in a C-130 and stopped all along the way.  The plane broke down in the Phillipines and we were stuck there for almost 24 hours.  In Vietnam I served from June 23rd, '67 until June 23rd, '68, mostly at Dong Ha, but made the rounds.   Henry Holmes was the boss and our chief in B company was Chief Rumsey. 

3061 Lookout Drive
Rockford, IL 61109

Howdy 'SeaBees,
I have been looking for information on CBMU 301 for quite awhile.  I checked the roster for my name and didn't find it .  I was a CE2 Hill, I was in Bravo Co. in Quang Tri and Chu Lai.  I remember the "Super Bee" that was made from a 'distroyed jeep' and a Hemi out of one of the dump trucks.  My big job was to try and build  a 'Romick' (sp?) antenna  (during Monsoon season) and try and set a 90' pole in Quang Tri City.  Couldn't seem to get the auger truck into downtown Quang Tri.  It was quite an experience trying to catch a 90' pole, with 30 Vietnamese, while being dropped from a Army chopper !!!  Anyway, it's great reading all of the e-mails and would like to hear from anyone that was there while I was there.  I did have a chance to ride a 'skilack' (sp) when we moved from Quang Tri/Dong Ha to Chu Lai.  Best regard to all of the Great men that I served with.  As a foot note, I served in MCB 8 from the day before Tet '68 until it's return to Port Hueneme.

Keep your head down and stay out of the way !

Sam HIll (CE2)
MCB 8 '68 Tet
CBMU 301 '69 - '70

I was in CBMU 301 from June 68 to June of 69. I started at Dong Ha, was one of the first Seabee at Quang Tri then was sent to An Hoa for the rest of my tour. I'm David L. Allen EO2. 9046 Stanwell Way, Elk Grove, Calif. 95624. E-mail is Look forward to hearing from you guys.

I dearly need to solicit the help of any "Bees that served with me from June of 1968 to July of 1969.

I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in December of last year and had surgery in March of '07. I filed a claim with the VA in December and need some supporting documentation to prove I was actually "In Country"
and not floating around with the "Blue Water Navy" in the Gulf of Tonkin. If any of the members of 301 could drop me an e-mail it would be a great help. It seems the VA seems to dismiss the claims of Navy guys because they think everybody was on a BGB (Big Gray Boat) and there fore not possibly exposed to Agent Orange.

I was assigned to Alpha Company as a Mechanic. I did a little time at Dong Has, and then moved to Quang-Tri. My tour was almost up when the Main Body was moved. I remember alot of guys being set up in the loft of the A company shop until the hooches could be moved.

As a side note, to anyone out there who has prostate problems, get it checked out!! Every book I read eludes to Agent Orange as a possible cause and the VA knows it!!

Once again, any help you guys could give would be greatly appreciated!!

Tom Watson
1550 West Camino Antigua
Sahuarita, Arizona 85629

Hello Dennis, I want you to know how much I enjoyed the pictures and the memories of the reunion and also of our yrs. associated with 301. The memories that are rekindled thru you guys websites cannot be expressed. I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed my trip to DC and meeting up with you guys. Although Jim Jones was the only one that I knew or remembered from the past, you guys made me feel so much as though I belonged. It truely was the most enjoyable time I have had, that did not include my family in so many yrs. For this I am eternally grateful to all of you.

I do pray that many of the other members of our organization can catchup with the group in the future, while we can still appreciate our memories.
For those that brought wives, I was also impressed with how well all of them fit in. Truely it is a brotherhood and one that I pray that the majority of our youth get to experience some day. It is truely hard to explain to the average individual the bond that is forged thru an individuals service time.

I do pray that the lord continues to bless one and all now and in the future.
George Gettinger Dong Ha and Quang Tri 6/68 thru 6/69

I served in CBMU301 from May 1969 until de-commissioning in 1970 whereupon I was transferred to COMNAVORV staff in Saigon. My contact details are:

John Dowd - Yeoman
14415 West Park Ave.
Boulder Creek, CA 95006

BTW I have a cruise book from the later part of the time. I helped to edit it and also edited the newsletter until the Journalist showed up. Any interest in that stuff? I would have to do major scanning work to get it all. Talked to YN Doug Nall about a year ago, but that's been it.

Seabees of CBMU-301,

Speaking of the 301 reunion in DC, of course I couldn't make the actual event, but was able to meet many of you at the Three Man Statue for the group photo at noon on Saturday. I can't thank you guys enough for coming over for that photo as well as getting to meet all us "other" bees who gathered there.

As for me, I served in CBMU-301 from April 1970 when it was based out of Camp Wall in Chu Lai (apparently the former RMK-BRJ rock crusher compound) until 301 went home for demomming in Oct. 1970. Most of us who were in 301 at that time chose to remain in Vietnam by jumping over to sister battalion, CBMU-302 which was based out of Cam Ranh Bay. I came back to the land of the big PX in April 1971 and back to my Seabee Reserve unit where I am still assigned even today.

I'm seeking anyone assigned to our Det. up at Cua Viet through the summer of 1970 and after when we closed that jobsite and withdrew to convert the Naval Support Activity's compound (Camp Tien Sha) over to the Vietnamese Navy's use. I've only found three of my pals from those days and am still looking for BU2 Joe Mello, BU2 James Houff, BU3 "Boy" Campompiano, and many more.

I know all of you are seeking your pals from your tour and reunions and the websites are a great way to accomplish that goal. I try to help with that myself as being the newsletter editor for the Vietnam Era Seabees (who hosted that group photo at the Wall).

Merry Christmas to all of you! It was great meeting you in DC.

Dave Schill
CBMU-301 Det. Cua Viet
President, CBMU-302 Assn.

My name is Terry Bisson. I was the Yeoman assigned to the SeaBee detachment at Cua Viet around the fall of 67. I remained in Cua Viet until the spring of 68. My memory of the duty is vague at best. I do remember not doing much clerical. Mostly, a whole lot of sandbag filling, and rebuilding that damn galley that seemed to be the prime target of the artillery. Marines can't cook! I was 18 at the time, and had been in Nam since May 67. It was not long after our hooch took a direct hit that I was transferred to the SeaBee detachment in Phu Bai, where I served until November 68. I can only recall the name of my friend Bill Czupryn, from Evansville. Thank you for your site.
I worked at the housing development also during 1970. Ensign Wright was my CO. I am Curtis Fletcher UT2. I was involved in the plumbing effort until Sept. 1970. I "comshawed" (sic?) a red-lined cement mixer for transportation!!
CBMU301-Chu La
Curtis Fletcher

My name is Montie LeStrange, I was a BU3. I served with CBMU 301 in 70 @ Chu Lai. I was first stationed at Camp Wall, working ay the concrete batch plant. I was then put a detachment that was building some housing in Quang Nia for the SVN Navy. ENS. Wright was our detachment CO. 

Montie LeStrange

Is there a roster for Det Echo? I was in Cua Viet/ DaNang 69-70.
Infact we tore down Cua Viet when we left. We built the Housing Complex at the near-by Vil and dug a well there too..
Some of the guys I served with were Thompson, Hiller, Waklee, Butts and Vitti.

Name: Dan Burns (nic-name, Boone)
Contact Information is:

Danny Burns
3026 Hwy. 50
Grand Jct., CO 81503
(970) 250-6268
Web Site:

My father was in Dong Ha around '64.  I wonder if any visitors to your site would remember him? Salvatore J. Cacioppo If anyone recognizes the name they can contact me @ the email address below or

Thank you
Lisa Cacioppo
Afgo Mechanical Services, Inc.
36-14 32nd Street L.I.C., NY  11106
phone: 718-478-5555 fax: 718-907-6899

I'm still searching for my former CBMU-301 buddies from Cua Viet, Da Dang, Chu Lai in the April 1970 to Oct. 1970 time frame. Are any of you reading these messages?

Names that come to mind right off the bat are BU2 Joe Mello, BU3 "Boy" Campompiano, CE3 Dustin, CE3 Schuchuck, SN Tom Christian, AN Tom Duria, BU2 Jim Heoff (Huff?), LT. Brogden, CDR Krauter, BU1 Harlan Bengs, and a bunch of names that escapes me now.

Call (856-234-2273) or email (
CAN DO! Dave Schill (former BUCN-BU3 in RVN) BUCS (SCW) USNR

I am looking for a Seabee who might have known my papa, George Patton Afentul.

Thank you
Kathleen Cowart []

I was looking for websites for my students to show them Seabees to help build that pride that Seabees are known for. The pictures and history helps to give them a feeling of pride and CAN DO that has been passed on for generations. My main goal is to teach my young Seabees about out history and instill the attitude, spirit and overall feeling of being part of a team past and present. I would like to thank you and your fellow Seabees for all you have done and are still doing and to let you know we will defend the the fredoms and liberties you helped provide for all of us. HOORAH Seabees and once again thank you.

EO2(SCW) Michael S. Cincinati
EO "A" School Instructor Ft. Leonard Wood MO

This is to let you know I'm still around and kickin'...won a Social Security Disability based upon a VA diagnosis for severe PTSD,...but failed to provide enough "proof" that it was "combat" related to my tours in Nam. Anyone out there care to help by writing a letter about the sh*^ at Cua Viet between Nov.'68 to Nov.'69?...or,better, if anyone was down in the delta the year before with ACB-1 at CatLo and remembers Tet'68 there, I sure could use some verification of the incoming from, and eventual napalming of that island out from us...I can be reached   Thanks,guys

Looking for fellow seebee Werner F. Buehler
My name is Mary Owsley i am the wife of George OwsleyBUH2 he served with Det. Bravo at KHE SANH and worked on the 3 lg. bunkers there with Gene Kinnick  BUH3 and Gary Kelly BUL3. The three of them arrived at KHE SANH around Dec. 20th 1967 and left around Mar. 1 1968. George was then sent to Det. Charlie at CUA VIET to help rebuild that base which was a mess.He was sent there to build you guessed it BUNKERS LG. ones and many Hooches a very Lg. galley was also constructed.

George is looking for a fellow seebee WERNER F. BUEHLER BUL3 George believes he is from NEW JERSEY?If anyone has info. of his where abouts it would be appreciated. Also George would like to hear from anyone else who was there  from MARCH to DECEMBER OF1968 he served under WILLIAM LA BOUNCE BUC.

George has a LG. selection of slides taken from KHE SANH to CUA VIET and is willing to share them. George is also a ham radio operator his call # is AD6VA. George is now retired with a VA. Pension after running his own Vacuum store for 23 yrs. before that he worked in saw mills.

Hoping for a response
George and Mary Owsley PH# (707) 725-4240

Dear Editor,

I recently came across your CBMU website and it brought back so many memories.  My name is Danny Smith, CEW2, and I was transferred from MCB 3 in Phu Bai up to CBMU 301 in Dong Ha in September of 1967.  Until March of 1968, I was one of the 5 men on the B company "reefer crew" out at the end of the airpstrip.  You can't imagine the feeling that came over me when I saw the picture you have posted---those are my guys!  We were very close (especially during TET) and I hope they are all doing well.

The picture was taken after I left so I only recognize 4 of them (not my replacement) but I thought you might want to put some names with the picture.  Keeping in mind that I am working with an old man's memory now, here goes: Far left: Van 2nd from left:my replacement? Middle: Cruz 2nd from right: Nick Walters Right: Gary S.... (pretty sure-came just before I left) Seems like a different life now--almost a dream. Thanks for all your effort--maybe I'll make the 2004 reunion. I didn't even know about them. I'm in Arizona so I'm not far away.  If you have a mailing list please put me on it.

Danny Smith

My name is Jimmy Land, PN3.  I served with CBMU 301 from Aug 68 to Oct 69.  I remember what a great bunch of men I had the pleasure to serve with.  I think of you often even if the names have faded your faces are bright and clear in my mind.

Please add my e-mail address to your list.  I can be reach at my home e-mail

Sir, I am writing to you at this time to see if you could help me with a search I am doing for a former member of MCB-5. My father was a member of MCB-5, deployed to Viet-Nam at the same time you were. His name was Edward Parmarter, and he was a EO-2, although I cannot remember if he was assigned to "A" Detachment or "B" Detachment.

My search had turned up your name and bio, so I am now writing to you. I am looking for a gentleman named Jim ( James) Rutledge, who if I can recall was a EO-1 with MCB-5. My other points of contact were CEO Dwayne Rutherford, Ronnie Adair, and Gentle W. Green. I have been unable to locate them either. I have tried to access archival material on-line, but cannot locate any of the Newsletters that I remember my father sending home while deployed. I did have several of them at one time, some of which showed Mr. Rutledge, but they are gone now. If you have any information, or could point me in a direction which would help, I would be greatly appreciative. I am trying to locate a close family member, and the key to this search lies with Mr. Rutledge.

I also live in Pennsylvania, just outside of Erie. My father is now deceased, he died at the VA Hospital in Tucson, AZ in 1997. So, I am at a dead end. Thank You for your time.

Steve Parmarter
47 Wellington St.
North east, PA 16428
(814) 725-2591

Hi! I was in CBMU 301 Detachment "Charlie" I was one of the electricians CEW-2 that kept the power on.
I served in country from June 67 to July 68. I would like to find out about any reunions.

Charlie Richmond
930 Hartford Street
Cambria, California 93428
Office 805.927.7086
Fax 805.927.7088

MIKE "BEETLE" BAKER a Builder is diagnosed w/ PTSD by the V.A. Two tours in-country 12 months out at CUA VIET did it. Please help him? He needs a letter from you all to substantiate his claim w/ the V.A. One of our own needs help & it's him. Please send him a letter Jim Wade UT3 CBMU 301 Det. Delta; Det. Charlie

My name is Mike Baker and I served with 301 from Nov68 until Nov69 at CuaViet. I believe that I was the youngest Seabee at that time. I had joined at 17 and right after my 18th birthday I shipped off for a tour in country with ACB-1.It wasn't a long tour, so I moved over to the 301 and went back...I was in contact with a few of you back in the early 90's...seem to remember Sam Messer, and I still communicate with Mr. Wade now and again...Anyone remember the "kid" called "Beatle"? That was me. This computer belongs to my Legion Post's service officer so my access will be limited, but I'd sure like to hear from some of ya ..
Thanks, Mike

My name is Mike Baker and I served with 301 from Nov68 until Nov69 at CuaViet. I believe that I was the youngest Seabee at that time. I had joined at 17 and right after my 18th birthday I shipped off for a tour in country with ACB-1.It wasn't a long tour, so I moved over to the 301 and went back...I was in contact with a few of you back in the early 90's...seem to remember Sam Messer, and I still communicate with Mr. Wade now and again...Anyone remember the "kid" called "Beatle"? That was me.

This computer belongs to my Legion Post's service officer so my access will be limited, but I'd sure like to hear from some of ya ..
Thanks, Mike

Looking for anyone who knows how hm3 robert v moore was killed.3rd recon quang tri july 18 1969

llpmap []

Is there any possibility of having names added to the reunion photos? I believe that the people who may not be able to attend would like to see their comrades. Would you please include my name in the roster. I was in CBMU 301, Det Charlie, Cua Viet. I see that Tim Morkin died. Do you know how or when?

Patrick Guarnieri
P.O. Box 22794
Tampa, FL 33622

Editors note: If anyone would care to take on the task of identifying I will be more than happy to add the names

Image from wallThis tribute to the men of CBMU 301, SeaBees and all Nam Vet's, was placed at the Wall this year during the annual Rolling Thunder by our own Dennis Waler who rode with the Leathernecks of Ohio, the license plate is mine. DMV has the plate as MIA
Ray Cruz
If anyone knows Bob Doleiden of C Co. 3rd batt. CBMU301 Dong Ha/Quang Tri 68/69 Please email me!
Diane Doleiden
I am writing this for George Brown. He is trying to find some of his old buddies or information on the 302d NCB that he served in during WWII. He does not have a computer so please send me the info so I can
pass on to him through the US Post Office.

Thank you,
Oscar Valent

I am helping a friend that isn't a computer kind of guy.
I would like to get in contact with anyone who remembers serving with:
Chuck Bassett
CBMU 301
Not sure of his rate at that time.
If anyone remembers him and would like to contact him or pass any information to him. Please contact me.
The Chipster:
It would mean a lot to him!
Recently I had a message on here but my email address has changed. For Harvey Butler it is Anyone from the battalion still around please send me an email. I am fighting the Agent orange issue like most. My health is not the best. I will pass on before the claim is noticed. Any help, words of advice appreciated. I am retired now for I am to ill to continue working. God bless.

CAN DO NMCB4 1968-1969
Rev. Harvey Butler

My name is Jerry Binkley, Seabee Electrician 301, '68-'69, am trying to get information on next CBMU301 reunion and at one time there was a newsletter, is this newsletter and membership still available? Please respond, my e-mail is

This link is in the Ventura Star online it has a running account of the SeaBees in Iraq, read a few articles and it left me with DejaVu.

I believe the Bee's along with other forces in Iraq are in a battle reminiscent of the conflict in NAM, or soon, will mirror that conflict, The technology has changed but the battle is still being fought by young men of middle America, remember trying to figure out who was VC "Charley" and that we fought a war on many fronts. I have seen images of men sleeping on the ground, in mud, cold and trying to keep those M-16 clean. The Thousand mile stare I found on the face of one young Marine in one of the hundreds of images available online, This is to early in the Battle to see this, like in Vietnam the politicians start the conflict and the men/women in uniform have to fix the problem.

I would like know how many Representatives and Senators have loved ones in uniform unlike Nam we will not let these men/women feel unwanted or having died unnecessary, this will be our legacy, never allow this to happen again, as long as we breath


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Hi,my name is William Heffernan.I was stationed with Team 155,in Quang Tri.The year was 71-72.We started building a base camp there,what I can remember is that we had a full bird in charge,he used all the cement to build his platform for his trailer. Any way, I was sent to fire base Charlie 1 appro.2-3 miles from the dmz.It was a old marine firebase,that only had 1 way in and out.I have been trying for years to find some one or some infomation that I and the site did exist,the Army will not give me any info. So if you or anyone else can help me I will be eternally me at
I have looked many times for a web site on 301, and finally got lucky today. It's been so long ago I don' remember what company I was in, and not many names either. I arrived in Dong Ha the night of July 5, 1969 after traveling for what seemed an eternity from Danang and good ol Camp Tin Sha! I spent my first night on the floor of the "club", smelling stale beer and smoke, what a beginning!! I remained in Dong Ha for about a month before I was burned on a generator and sent to Japan for treatment. I returned to Quang Tri sometime in late August, went back to Dong Ha for a while and then to An hoa where I finished my tour. Some of the guys I remember, and would love to hear from are; Steve Cross CECN, Dale Hearn CE3, Bob Self CE3, Jim Galfetti EO3, Al Clark, Bill Bloom CECN, Chris Pfiffer, Roy Proctor and John Miller.

Thanks for the great web site and keep up the good work!

Bill Tracy (CE3 way back then!)
I was a Plank Owner and was transfered to CBMU 301 in Feb 1967. I was one of the original group that came from SERE training in San Diego/ North Island. We were there to train for to go to NSA Danang.

Originally I belong to 31st NCR in Port Hueneme. I was with Det Bravo that made last Convoy to Khe Sanh. I worked under EOC Reese in the compound, Repair Air Strip and also helped build the Large Bunker in Khe Sanh.

I was the one that also built the Bunks that was in Bunker that our 2 sqauds slept in.

I was a CN when I went over and made BUL3 in Khe Sanh. I also donated the New York State Flag that flew above the Office Hooch there. I have seen and talked with CE Cann when I was in Port Hueneme area in 92-94 and had some great reminising with him. Lost contact with him since I came back to Colorado.

Also in last few days sent e-mail back and forth with Sam Messer and Jerel Wenger. Also Contacted Art Moore and also The CBMU 301 site about upcoming Reunion in Hueneme. Looking forward to being there. Maybe we can remember a lot of things together, The Good and bad, but mostly the Good.

BU1 Spillman was my leader, and SW3 Adams was my Relief when I went back to Donk Ha in March of 68. I like to hear from any or all that might remember me, we can contact each other via E-Mail

My Address is :
Thanks for a Great site.
Terry Ahlers

My Daddy was John B. Henley. He was in Vietnam in 66-67(?). He passed away on February 23, 2000, from liver cancer brought on by hepatitis C that he contracted while serving. My Dad didn't talk about Vietnam very much and so I writing in hopes of hearing from someone who may have served with him so I may learn more about his experiences there. He was in the SeaBees stationed in Rhode Island. Tulsa, OK, was his hometown. If anyone has any information about my Daddy would you please contact me? Thank you very much. Shannon Newell

Please contact: Shannon Newell
Mailing address: Rt. 2 Box 3070
City, State, Zip: Adair, OK 74330

My name is Michael L. Bird. I was with CBMU-301 from April 1969 to April 1970. I was in A Co. at Dong Ha, and Detail Delta in Quang Tri, then moved to Chu Lai around Feb of 69 and was second in command of the asphalt plant until I left the unit. The army jeep we had in Chu Lai, I helped to steal from the army. I was one of the guys who used to crawl under the fence into the army's motorpool to steal transmissons because we kept blowing the transmission out using he jeep as a sand dunes buggy. I remember that there is 99 grease sirts in and around an asphalt plant. My address is 33550 E. Hwy. 96, #293 Pueblo, Colorado 81001

Hello buddy this is Mickey Rhea from Oklahoma. Today I got in to 301 and looked in at the roster and of course if you want to be located its a good thing.

Well we need to find John M. Mille, he was from Kentucky a Place call Burnside and the last time I talked to him he was in Ohio not for sure what town that been 18 yrs ago more or less. Also Bruce M. Weber lived in Bridgeton, New Jersey 788 Bridgeton ave.

Thank you very much, I know how important the to be together is and this year Me and Tommy Kimble have 3 days to talk to each other and our wifes meet for the first time. It was a experience that I will be for remembering until I die. We meet on the Roaring River in Missouri.

Your friend Mickey

Have been looking at the SEABEE web site for a few months, had contact with ART MOORE, this page is really great. I was with Paul Klawiter for a few months.My name is JOE STEG nickname was SPANKY BU3. I was in DONG HA from NOV.68to 69.Would love to here from anyone else who was there at that time.

Thanks again for the site
joe steg

I want to start by thanking you again for your site. It has really helped me connect to my past. I was in 301 in Dong Ha, and Quang Tri.(6/68-6/69) I was a SW3, and was there with Jim Jones and Paul Klawater to mention a few. I had worked in the Cam Lo refugee villiage with another 301 member not on the roster, CE3 Doug Yancy.

When I left Nam I blocked out most of it because of wondering about the kids. You and Guys like Jim Jones have really helped me bring it back. I am really longing to get together with a lot of the old guys one of these days.

If You could add my name to the roster along with my address, I would appreciate hearing from some of the guys. Thanks again.

George Gettinger

As an old Seabee (1951-1971 ret. EOC) And having known and forgotten where Martin Kux was, I found him in your outfit. If he will, (wants to) have him e-mail me or write. Im in the same place. Thanks

Dave Bader
Box 160
DeGraff, Ohio, 43318-0160

I was stationed in Vietnam during 1968-69. Danang & Quang Tri. I was with NMCB4. I lost all pictures and information. I am praying someone can help. Does anyone remember when FLC the Marine base was attacked in Danang. Also, the date the NV Ammo dump got blown to bits, the dates for that. We were on
the Vancouver-LPD in Danang Harbor for a while, then went to Quang Tri. We are all fighting Agent Orange and time is of the utmost to me. If you can help me in any way please let me know. Thanks.

Rev. Harvey Butler (Now) NMCB4, USN 1968-69